“Litmus Test” Gets Published and Wins Martius Contest

“Litmus Test,” a poem I wrote and submitted to Sea Girafee’s Martius Contest back in March, won the award for poetry and is now published by Sea Giraffe. The piece took third place overall, but it won the category for poetry. This is the first contest I have won and is now the third poem I have had published. Which reminds me, I have had two poems published by Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure which I have forgotten to mention on here.

Anyway, head on over to Sea Giraffe and read my poem. Then, come back here and let me know your thoughts. In fact, you can even do the same with Snake Oil Cure. Here are the links to my poems:

Litmus Test” – published by Sea Giraffe

Existentialism for Dummies” – published by Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure

Personal Appearance” – published by Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure

Thank you for reading. This message will now self destruct unless you read at least one of the above poems. Sorry, those are the rules. I don’t make them up.


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Welcome to My Internet Abode

As you can no doubt see by merely looking around on this site, it (the site, that is) is relatively new. In time, I hope this to be a fully functional metropolis, complete with links to other great websites and places I have been published.

One of those sites is Snake Oil Cure, which is publishing my poem “Personal Appearance.” Please, go check it out and tell them how much you love it.

I promise (okay, I don’t promise, but I’ll try. I’ll try to try) to have this site completed and fully functional soon. Unfortunately, my time is monopolized by writing and editing and anything you can put here that serves as a reasonable excuse for not editing and finishing this website.

Feel free to hack into my account and finish it for me. Thanks.


See you soon.


Aaron Harme

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